25 Joseph St


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403-25 Joseph S-1-2
403-25 Joseph S-3-2
403-25 Joseph S-4
403-25 Joseph S-5
403-25 Joseph S-6
403-25 Joseph S-7
403-25 Joseph S-8
403-25 Joseph S-9
403-25 Joseph S-10
403-25 Joseph S-11
403-25 Joseph S-12
403-25 Joseph S-13
403-25 Joseph S-14
403-25 Joseph S-15
403-25 Joseph S-16
2 bedroom tower typical
School typical
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About Joseph St

Apartment and stacked townhouse units in the historic Victoria School, located around Victoria Park with access to parking and outdoor space.

Address: 25 Joseph St., Kitchener, On, N2G 4X6

Units: 100 (5 accessible)

1 bedroom apartments: 38 (1 accessible)

2 bedroom apartments: 30 (2 accessible)

3 bedroom apartments: 3 (2 accessible)

4 bedroom apartments: 11

Bachelor apartments: 18

Amenities and Services

  • Outdoor space

Frequently-Asked Questions

You must apply through the Region of Waterloo Community Housing Access Centre (CHAC).

235 King Street East, 6th Floor, Kitchener ON  N2G 4N5

Phone:  519-575-4400; TTY:   519-575-4608

E-mail:  chac@region.waterloo.on.ca

Website:  www.regionofwaterloo.ca/chac


We are not accepting market rent applications at this time. Market rent units are advertised and applications are only taken at that time.

No.  Since the waiting list can change daily we do not provide updates regarding applicants’ position on the list.

We’re here to help. Contact us at any time!

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We’re here to help. Contact us at any time!

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